Patriot Classic

The Patriot Classic is our largest vehicle and accommodates multiple cameras and operators comfortably. The Classic is also the choice when there is a desire to mount a jib or telescoping arm on the vehicle. Our Patriot A-frame mount has been custom designed for our Classic car to supply the most support and versatility during operation. The Classic has the distinction of being the fastest electric vehicle in the Motion Picture industry with a top speed of 50 MPH unloaded. Both the Patriot and the Mini also have the capacity to run up to 40 miles before charging is necessary. When the shots demand it the Classic also has the ability to tow up to 5,000 lbs at a top speed of 25MPH making it a great choice as a shooting platform for a variety of picture vehicles, from golf carts, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds etc…

• Length: 9’ 4” / 284.48 cm
• Width: 56” / 142.24 cm
• Width without wheels covers: 53.5”/ 135.89 cm
• Height (to deck): 29” / 73.66 cm
• Height with jib arm A-frame: 60” / 152.4 cm
• Weight: 1400 lbs / 635.02 Kg
• Max Load on the car: 2200 lbs / 997.90 Kg
• Battery life without charging: 40 miles
• Maximum speed: 50 Mph
• Max acceleration speed: 30 Mph
• Acceleration Time: 0-30 Mph in 2.8 seconds (unloaded)
• Max towing capacity: 5000 lbs/ 2267.96Kg @ 25 Mph
• Turning radius: I.D. 13’.33” O.D. 22’.66”