Patriot Mini

The Patriot Mini is our newest addition; its unique and proprietary designed is one of a kind. No competitor can accommodate the tight locations and parameters better then Patriot Camera Cars Mini. The design in mind was to help you achieve the most demanding of shots. The Patriot Mini is ideal for remote head work, steadicam set ups, sidewalks, traffic lanes, warehouses, interior sets and even interior hallways to name a few. The design has included the ability to quickly go from its standard length of 7’ 4” to a length of only 6’. After applying our Patriot Mini caster wheels you can now roll the Mini into a standard size elevator and be ready to shoot in a matter of minutes in an interior environment. No other camera car offers this sort of versatility. Along with these features it was important that we did not compromise on the vehicles performance. Like our Classic the Mini offers the same acceleration and top speeds. It can tow up to 3000 lbs @ 25MPH and has a battery life of up to 40 miles.

• Standard Length: 7’ 4” / 223.52 cm
• Minimum length: 6’ / 182.88 cm
• Width: 40.5” / 102.87 cm
• Width without wheels covers: 38”/ 96.5 cm
• Height: 26” / 66.04 cm
• Weight: 900 lbs / 408.23 Kg
• Max Load on the car: 1500 lbs / 680.38 Kg
• Battery life without charging: 40 miles
• Maximum speed: 40 Mph
• Max acceleration speed: 30 Mph
• Acceleration Time: 0-30 Mph in 2.8 seconds (unloaded)
• Max towing capacity: 3000 lbs/ 1360.77Kg @ 25 Mph
• Turning radius: I.D. 10’.5” O.D. 17’.25”